Discover All the Worldwide Met T&S Projects

Engineering & Construction for the hydrocarbon processing industries is the Maire Group’s historical core activity. A well-rooted legacy in engineering design, along with a sound track record in managing large integrated complex projects in oil & gas, petrochemicals and fertilizers, has allowed Maire Group, through its main subsidiary Tecnimont, to maintain a leading position as an international contractor. Thanks to a flexible business model the Group offers advanced skills in licensing, engineering services, EP (Engineering & Procurement), and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). A strong technology orientation provides access to the best available state-of-the-art processes, guaranteeing us a recognized world leadership as a contractor.

Through our network of international engineering centres, we provide clients with services and know-how ranging from conceptual studies, through technology selection, to process engineering and detailed design. Through the process engineering contractor, KT Kinetics Technology, we offer expertise and proprietary technology in sulphur recovery units, hydrogen and syngas, providing comprehensive process technology packages and offering clients end-to-end, tailor-made solutions. The Group has also developed high-level skills in power generation, infrastructure and civil engineering.

Thanks to our global procurement platform we are able to cover all client requirements, leveraging on a network of high-quality equipment vendors and construction subcontractors. The services we provide benefit from business synergies and cross-fertilization across the Group, profiting from all our Companies skills and specializations.