By leveraging on expertise gained through Maire Group, Met T&S has become a global player with extensive knowledge, specialized in trading chemicals, plant packages, spare parts and polymers such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and derivatives. We provide high-quality services through our strategic approach to the market, thereby meeting even the most demanding mandates.

Met T&S serves a diverse range of industries and companies, providing a broad variety of chemical products, including catalysts, aluminum alkyls (co-catalyst), antioxidant, additives, solvents, refrigerant gas, resins, water treatment products, antistatic agents, gas, inert balls, molecular sieves, oils, peroxides, silica, sterates, UV stabilizer, oxides and talc.

Thanks to our lean yet highly-qualified, efficient and well-integrated operating structure, we can reliably and efficiently provide our clients with top-quality service at very competitive conditions.